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Agape House Residential Programs

Residential Program

“God is love.” I John 4:8

Unconditional Love of God

The Agape House ministry programs offer safe, supportive homes for adolescent girls ages 12-18, and boys ages 12-16. Separate group residences provide familial home settings, loving house parents, and Social Emotional Learning Aides (SELAs). Through encouragement, grace-based discipline, and affirmation, on-site house staff loves and welcomes each residential student.

We achieve our mission of bringing transformational hope and healing to at-risk youth, their families, and the community, through a holistic healing approach that reaches the mind, body, and spirit. Agape House programs are rooted in biblical faith, unconditional love, grace-based interventions, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Every situation is unique. If our residential program does not fit your needs, we offer a day program that can be personalized to meet the teen in his or her situation.

Agape House

Residential Program

Residential Program

The Agape House residential program works together with the day program to foster trust, develop healing, and build character in students. Agape House residences are not permanent homes, as the goal of the ministry is to place teens back with their family or into a safe environment that best approximates a family scenario.

Participation in the day program is a requirement for participation in the residential program, as the counseling, group therapy, bible study, and mentorship activities often cross over into time spent during the school day. Residential programs are also tailored to each adolescent, helping to fill their educational, emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs.

  • Recreation therapy: students engage in physical activity that challenges body and mind, resulting in increased self-esteem and development of communication and teamwork. Recreation therapy can include drama, art, equine therapy, music, sports, community service, and outdoor recreation.

  • Life skills: Adolescent girls and boys must learn how to care for themselves, from hygiene and diet to laundry and cleaning. Resident therapy programs provide opportunities for them to develop life skills and develop a servant heart for others.

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Residential Program Mentorship

Mentorship provides an opportunity for students to receive a different perspective, be held accountable, and to receive Godly advice. Our mentors invest in both the spiritual and personal lives of our students to walk beside them and help them build a foundation for their future.

Through one-on-one relationships, mentors serve as role models who guide and encourage students to discover and achieve their God-given potential. This work can take many forms but always includes a personal connection where mentor and mentee build a trusting relationship – a fundamental tool in overcoming the effects of abuse and past hurts.

Agape House

Residential Locations

Agape House Residential Locations

At Agape House residential homes, teens live, learn, and heal surrounded by loving guidance from house parents, Social Emotional Learning Aides (SELAs), dedicated volunteers, and faithful mentors. Separate girls’ and boys’ homes provide comfortable, independent living spaces for students and residential assistants, and on-site house parent apartments. Both homes are former churches that were acquired and renovated through generous donation of resources from individuals and businesses.

Agape House
Girls Home Agape House

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Agape House Girls Home
215 South Main St.,Walworth, WI

The Agape House girls’ home is in the main Agape House campus, where classrooms, main kitchen/dining, and administrative offices are located. The Agape House Counseling Center is located across the street.

Agape House
Boys Home Agape House

Building photos courtesy of Kellwood Studio Photography LLC

Agape House Boys Home
119 Phillips St., Walworth, WI

The Agape House boys’ home is located within walking distance to the main Agape House campus and Agape House Counseling Center. ted across the street.

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Agape House

Twenty-five years ago, Pam and Ben Patterson’s hearts were changed forever. God spoke to them with great clarity, asking them to open a safe place where He could heal the broken hearts of teens and their families. When the Patterson’s asked Him, “How will we provide for all the needs,” He was clear: “Share My story.”

Agape House stands firm on this promise: We share His story of hope, and He will provide. Every day, God shows up and gives us story after story to share. Countless times, God has provided above and beyond every need at Agape House. Lives have been transformed by His healing touch. We have witnessed what seems impossible in the natural, moved only by the Spirit of our Savior. Miracles happen here.