Our Stories - Agape House Heals Changing Lives


“God’s grace sent me to Agape House as an option for me to get help. It saved my life and completely changed my heart. They taught me that God is someone not to be afraid of, but someone you can have a real relationship with.”Jessica and her mom have worked to restore their relationship through Agape counseling services. “It took less than a year, a true miracle from God. I love my mom and the Lord.” Jessica has developed deep, loving relationships with her Agape House mom, counselor and teacher. “Before I came to Agape, I didn’t know someone could love me like they do. There is so much love there. They really do care about us girls.”

Working through the challenges of a learning disability, Jessica surprised herself by graduating from Agape School four months early. She earned her Certified Nursing Assistant license, and is actively exploring college options.Jessica participates in counseling through services provided by Agape Transitional Living Home and continues to grow in the Lord. She proudly speaks of her transformations as small miracles.


Anna’s parents took her to live at Agape House where she felt fortunate to have a second chance with a new family. “This family taught me to trust myself, to respect myself and best of all how to love myself. I know the differences now between hating myself and just not liking some things I do. I do have choices and have learned to control them. Without them teaching me God can take away all the pain, I would not be the person I have learned to become.”

Through the help of her Agape House mom, Anna realized she was a person who deserved love. “I was taught by her that I was good enough in God’s eyes. I let go of fears of people always trying to hurt me. I still had so much anger to deal with though.”

Now Anna describes herself as a healing, beautiful girl who loves life even when it’s difficult, and who wants to help others because of what she has been through. She offers the wisdom that she has learned: “There are no hopeless situations, only people who have grown hopeless about them.”


Kayte came to Agape House after having been the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a relative and struggling with the loss of her mother’s involvement in her life as she faced the challenges of her own mental illness. Kayte was feeling hopeless and lost, and was placed at Agape House to try to find healing. And she did. Kayte is now married, a loving mother, and living as a missionary in a foreign country, working with child prostitutes to show them Christ’s love and healing.

“I found that my life had hope and purpose at Agape House.” – Kayte


At age 16, Alyssa entered Agape House, struggling with a past that included a mother who Alyssa felt cared about drinking more than she cared about her. Diagnosed with a myriad of mental health challenges and a long list of addictions, Alyssa shared that the drugs she took often masked her pain. Through her hard work and dedication to the programs at Agape House, Alyssa was able to overcome her past abuse and hurt, and instead live her life through Christ’s grace and love rather than through her addications.

“I was proud of myself for the first time. I became independent and found my voice. I like the new me.” – Alyssa

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