Our Stories - Agape House Heals Changing Lives


“God’s grace sent me to Agape House as an option for me to get help. It saved my life and completely changed my heart. They taught me that God is someone not to be afraid of, but someone you can have a real relationship with.”Jessica and her mom have worked to restore their relationship through Agape counseling services. “It took less than a year, a true miracle from God. I love my mom and the Lord.” Jessica has developed deep, loving relationships with her Agape House mom, counselor and teacher. “Before I came to Agape, I didn’t know someone could love me like they do. There is so much love there. They really do care about us girls.”

Working through the challenges of a learning disability, Jessica surprised herself by graduating from Agape School four months early. She earned her Certified Nursing Assistant license, and is actively exploring college options.Jessica participates in counseling through services provided by Agape Transitional Living Home and continues to grow in the Lord. She proudly speaks of her transformations as small miracles.


I came to the TLH to grow in my relationship with God and to learn to be independent. I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes in life as long as you don’t sit in your own self-pity. I am walking away confident in Christ and able to look back at my journey here. I believe in myself for the first time and that I can do all things through Christ when I fully rely on HIM!


I was raised in a Christian Home. My mom and dad were already divorced. My mom was pretty much out of the picture and made no attempt to see me. At that time, we lived at my Grandma’s house. We lived there until I was 7. That’s when I met my soon-to-be amazing and loving mom, Tanya.
Tanya already had 2 kids of her own who soon would be my sister and brother. At the time I did not like her; I thought she was trying to take the place of my mom. At that time, my real mom was out of my life which really affected me. When she left me it was because the guys she was with had left her. So whenever she came back, there was a new guy. So I felt depressed because I thought the reason she left me was because she was disgusted to have such an ugly, annoying and mentally unstable daughter. So this caused conflict between me and my stepmom.
When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Later, I was diagnosed with bipolar and severe depression. I was so depressed that I was hospitalized for trying to commit suicide. At that time, I was very firm not to have Tanya come to visit me. We were always in each other’s face and yelling at one another. I found out she was pregnant with my little sister and I was so mad I told her to get an abortion!
Then, I came to Agape House. I was very hurt by my childhood experiences and I was looking for ways to answer my questions. I explored witchcraft and went into some dark places emotionally. That exploration opened the door once again to ending my life. I was hospitalized again. During my last stay at the hospital, God intervened and told me that I was loved and that I had a purpose!
Agape House has given me a sense of belonging. I felt like someone actually understood me.
Agape House has allowed me and all of my parents to get the help they need and are now even closer as a family.
Agape House has taught me how to share how I feel in a calm way that I never would have known if not for them.
Agape House helped me feel loved and helped my family grow closer
Agape House was a powerful turning point in my life because without them I might not be here today and I might never have called Tanya mom.
At Agape house I’ve learned that God is closer than I thought. Without agape house I wouldn’t call Tonya my mom and I wouldn’t have a relationship with my bio mom and I would not be here.


Hi I’m Ashley former Agape parent.  When I first brought Emma to Agape House last year I was nervous just like any parent would be, but mostly I had hope. Hope that some how miracles would happen to help to make her life better and to help our family.  I had no clue how that was going to happen, but one can hope.  I thought Agape House would work miracles for Emma, little did I know that the by the summer of 2018 my life would have changed drastically.  Thanks to Agape House.  I never thought someone like me with a past such as mine would experience such a miracle but I have.

IN 2017, my life changed, Agape House come into my family’s life.  I have changed for the better.  My relationship with God is now strong.  I have started to iron out the trauma from my past.  It will always be there, but I can look at myself in the mirror now and smile.  I have to say that after years of hating myself, I can look in the mirror and the reflection is that of someone that I love, someone that deserved my love a long time ago, myself.

I have now found the love of Jesus Christ, I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I know that even though I have experienced some hard times in my life, I am not that child anymore and even if i was that child would deserve to be loved by God.  Because everyone is worthy of God’s love. I may be broken but I am beautifully broken.  God’s grace and glory are mine to experience.  Even through the hard times, it may not have been apparent to me, he was there.  He carried me in His loving arms.  He took care of my brother, my sister and I when my mom walked out.  Looking back, I can see everywhere that he was.  Without the shelter of God’s love, I may not have survived my childhood.

Without God’s love, grace and mercy, I would not be the person I am today.  My depression has lessened, my relationship with family and friends has improved.  My husband and I actually are a cohesive married couple and we are in love.  I had the confidence to  find a job that I’ve wanted for years.  A job that is at the moment making me very happy.  For the first time in 20 years, I am at peace with God and  at peace with myself.  Life is good.  There are still challenges and definite hard times, however; I know that God will get me through anything that comes my way.

Without Agape House, I would not have reconnected with God.  Agape House truly did work a miracle.  The miracle of bringing God back into my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

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