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Day Program

Day Programs

“God is love.” I John 4:8

Unconditional Love of God

Agape House offers hope and healing to adolescent girls ages 12-18, and boys ages 12-16 through ministry-based day and residential programs. We achieve our mission of bringing transformational hope and healing to at-risk youth, their families, and the community, through a holistic healing approach that reaches the mind, body, and spirit. Agape House programs are rooted in biblical faith, unconditional love, grace-based interventions, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Agape House Counseling

Counseling, groups, bible study, mentorship, and academic programs comprise our day programs. Together with our residential program, the Agape House ministry fosters therapeutic healing through the loving guidance of a dedicated, professional team. The effect of our Christ-centered work helps adolescents who’ve experienced trauma to overcome the effects of abuse and past hurts and go on to lead healthy, productive lives.

Every situation is unique. If your teen needs 24-hour care in a safe, nurturing living space, we offer a residential program that can be personalized to meet the teen in his or her situation.

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Agape House Counseling

Counseling for adolescents enrolled in Agape House programs is provided for the entire family. Each teen attends a weekly session with a compassionate counselor who begins with a thorough assessment to discover specific needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Individual Care Plans (ICPs) are designed to provide wrap-around care for the student with grace-based interventions to feel God’s unconditional love (Agape) for who they are – an approach that is implemented across all areas of our programs. Our counselors work to understand the whole person by building relationships and provide encouragement to them on their healing journey. Our focus is for the condition of the heart rather than externally visible behaviors that are displayed.

During weekly counseling sessions, counselors guide the teens toward healing the trauma and attachment wounds that are at the core of their behavioral issues. A variety of counseling and therapeutic methods are implemented to treat individual needs in a calm, safe, and confidential setting.

Agape House

Family Counseling

Agape House Family Counseling

In parallel with treating teens, our counseling staff comes alongside the parents and siblings to assist the family in understanding their role in the life of the student. Family counseling guides the family in discovering and developing new methods of communicating and connection with each other and their student.

Parent participation is required to achieve a successful outcome for families who have a student in the Agape House program. The parent counseling program consists of a weekly parent group meeting, individual counseling, and family counseling at the appropriate time.

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Agape House Groups

Group therapy is used to enrich the healing process beyond the counseling experience. Agape House curriculum includes practical applications from current resources such as: Core Healing from Trauma, by Marti Wibbels; Genesis Process, by Micheal Dye; TBRI Nurture Group by Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development; Celebrate Recovery; and more. Daily sessions and activities help students identify the root of their struggles, recognize lies they believe, and bring truth to counter those lies. Through guided discovery led by our compassionate staff, students learn coping skills, build healthy relationships, develop empathy to support one another, and discuss the healing process together.

Group therapy participation leads to long term benefits including responding to stress in healthier ways, managing social situations more skillfully, greater self-compassion, and reduced unhealthy behaviors and irrational fears. Through this team approach, teens grow in self-esteem, overcome abuse, and stop self-destructive behaviors.

Agape House

Biblical Application

Agape House Biblical Application

Agape House curriculum is supplemented with current biblical practices, contemporary teachings, and personal insights with a biblical counselor. The outcome is for the student to know God’s word, feel His unconditional love, and discover His purpose and plan for them.

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Agape Academics

Agape House academic programs are successful because they’re intertwined with the day and residential programs. The inclusivity of our approach to treat the mind, body and spirit is woven throughout core curriculum, electives, and community service.

Our academic programs provide faith-based, individualized education for middle and high school students, and accommodate all abilities and academic levels. A supportive atmosphere with trained, professional staff leads students to develop their emotional, educational, spiritual, and social potential. Students who remain active in the Agape House day programs achieve academic improvement, high school graduation, and advance to post-graduate education or rewarding occupations.

Agape House

Our Academic Approach

Agape House Biblical Application

Adolescent girls and boys enrolled in the Agape House academic program are placed at the educational level where they will be most successful. Our professional teaching staff assesses personal goals, current academic standing, and learning style to create individualized curriculum and day programs.

Agape House has found success with educational curriculum from Ignitia Virtual Academy, an online Christian learning program. Our on-site teaching staff administers and oversees lessons and learning progression in separate classrooms for male and female students. Each student benefits from the convenience of learning at their own pace alongside the guidance of our teaching staff.

The Agape House academic program includes physical education and electives that can set the stage for new interests, college majors, and career paths. Those electives can include cultural arts, choral and instrumental music, art therapy, computer science, health and wellness, automotive, woodworking, culinary and life skills. Students frequently participate in educational field trips and community service projects, designed to enrich and develop the heart to serve.

Agape House

Our Academic Success

Our Academic Success 1

The Agape House academic program has a consistently high 98-percent graduation rate among students who complete our program. We attribute this success to our low student-to-staff ratio, small classroom sizes, familial environment, and the gentle, grace-filled support of staff and volunteers who are committed to healing broken lives.

Agape House

Twenty-five years ago, Pam and Ben Patterson’s hearts were changed forever. God spoke to them with great clarity, asking them to open a safe place where He could heal the broken hearts of teens and their families. When the Patterson’s asked Him, “How will we provide for all the needs,” He was clear: “Share My story.”

Agape House stands firm on this promise: We share His story of hope, and He will provide. Every day, God shows up and gives us story after story to share. Countless times, God has provided above and beyond every need at Agape House. Lives have been transformed by His healing touch. We have witnessed what seems impossible in the natural, moved only by the Spirit of our Savior. Miracles happen here.