Learning Programs Broaden Horizons - Agape House Heals

Agape House is participating in a project with International Little Artists (ILA), a Walworth-based foundation that has created a virtual global place for children around the world to share their messages through art. The project allows the students to exchange inspirational art and messages including painting, poetry and music, with youth around the world. The project was recently kicked off with a workshop led by ILA founder, Lucie Hake. Agape House School teaching assistant Tina Dillman will travel to India this week with a student on a ten-day mission trip to deliver art and music created by the students from the school and other Wisconsin ILA members to share with children.

ILA works in partnership with global organizations to personally deliver art through the work of missionaries, teachers and medical teams who are traveling abroad for their own missions and reasons. Future components of the ILA project include art exhibits, fundraising and parties to increase awareness, participation and resources.

Agape House ILA Workshop 3

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