Nearly everything at our home, school, counseling centers, and transitional living home has been donated by generous friends who reached out to help us. Through miracles and God’s callings, labor, furnishings, food, supplies, and so much more have been generously provided through loving hands and all, miraculously, at just the time we needed it.

Just before the start of the 2014-15 school year, we experienced a flood in our classrooms and school. To the untrained eye and the faithless heart, we would have been doomed. However, God had a plan in place, and, through the quick action of our insurance company and the talented and generous hands of eager volunteers, our classrooms and school were re-floored, repainted, reset, and ready for our students weeks ahead of what seemed to be humanly possible. All things are possible through God, and we are reminded of this every day when God shows His abundant grace and gifts.

None of what we do is possible, however, without the generosity of donated goods. From everyday items such as food, cleaning supplies, school supplies, and personal hygiene products to larger pieces like furniture, clothing, office equipment and more, we are continually grateful for and hopeful for ongoing donations.

WISH LIST (see below) – this is updated weekly. Please let us know if you are able to provide something by emailing or call (262) 275-6466.

Wish List:

4″ Bench Vise for work shop

Riding Lawn Mower

Gas Grill for Boys Home

Golf club sets, gently used



Colored Pencils

Adult Coloring Books

Stress Balls

Longboards/Skateboards for girls and boys

Larger Flat Screen TV with HDMI connection for playing games

Thank you cards

Essential Oils: Lavender, Stress Away, Immunity, Thieves and Muscle Relaxing (or comp

Snow Shoes, Ice Skates and Sleds (gently used are sufficient)

Book: Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand (need 5)

Yoga Blocks and Towels

Expo Dry Erasers and Markers

Book: I Declare War by Levi Lusko

Rechargeable Batteries for CD players

Rechargeable Batteries Charging Port

Settlers of Catan game (for Boys)

Body Groove Delicious Dance DVD Collection
by Body Groove Fitness
Learn more:

Amazon Gift Cards

Sound System for Counseling Center with independent volume


Copy Paper

Headphones for the CD players

CD players with no radio

Graphic Novels from Saddleback Educational Publishing, i.e., A Christmas Carol, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, A Tale of Two Cities, Around the World in 80 Days; Quiddler Card Games; and Blokus Family Game Board

Here are some gift registries  :