Our work is made possible through the generosity of donors. From everyday essentials such as food (perishable and nonperishable), cleaning supplies, school supplies, and personal hygiene products, to furniture, clothing, office equipment and more, we graciously accept donations from individuals and organizations.

Please review our Wish List and Frequently Used List below. Both are kept current.

Email admin@AgapeHouseHeals.org or call (262) 275-6466 to schedule your donation drop-off.

Wish List:

Blue Ray DVD Player

55″ Smart Tv

Sympathy Cards

OTC cold and flu medicine, Benadryl, Tylenol and Ibuprofen

12-20 Flameless Candles (various sizes)

Heating Pad


Legos for Boy’s Home and Girls’ Home

Token prizes for boys, such as: fidgets, brain puzzles, small monetary gift cards, lego sets/figurines, etc.

Longboards/Skateboards for girls and boys



Vacuum Cleaner

CD Players, stationary and portable for Girls’ Home

Headphones for CD players

Rechargeable Batteries for CD players

CDs from this list: Christian Music

Medicine Ball Set for Boys’ Home

Amazon Gift Cards

K’nex for Boys

Stress Balls

Golf club sets, gently used

HDMI Cables

Essential Oil Diffusers

Expo Dry Erasers and Markers

Settlers of Catan game for Boys

Bike Rack for Boys’ Home

4″ Bench Vise for workshop

Frequently Used List:

Resealable snack bags

Resealable gallon bags

Resealable freezer bags

Paper Plates


Dishwasher pods

Swiffer replacement pads (wet and dry)

Swiffer cleaning solution

Feminine hygiene products

Essential Oils: Lavender, Stress Away, Immunity, Thieves and Muscle Relaxing (or comp)