There are many ways to provide support to the teens and families we serve: volunteering your time and talents, making one-time or recurring monetary donations, providing items on our wish list, and/or keeping our teens and this ministry in your prayers.

No contribution, no gift, no prayer is too small. We are grateful for and humbled by the support we’ve received from our friends over the years. Through God’s grace and love and through the generosity of so many, thousands have been touched by the work we do at Agape House.


Help Us Reach Our Goal . . . let’s keep going!

Twenty-two years ago, our hearts were forever changed by a call from God.  He spoke with great clarity to open a safe place for Him to begin healing the broken hearts of teens and their families.   When we asked Him “How will we provide all the needs?”, He was clear: “Share My story”.  Agape House stands firm on this promise:  We share His story of Hope, and He will provide.  Every day, God shows up and gives us story after story to share.  Countless times, God has provided above and beyond every need at Agape House.  Lives have been touched, changed and transformed by His healing touch.  We have witnessed what seems impossible in the natural, moved only by the Spirit of our Savior.  Miracles happen here.

With the emotional, social and economic influence Covid-19 has had on families, sharing God’s promise of freedom in Christ is more crucial now than it has ever been.  During these uncertain times, we are privileged to love teens and their families.  With our three homes: Girl’s Teen Home, Boy’s Teen Home and Women’s Transitional Living Home, along with our counseling services for these families as well as our community clients, our services provide wrap around care for the entire family to heal.  Financial burdens are ever present.  And the impact upon families that come from hard places is even greater.  Our promise to never turn a child and their family away due to financial limitations is essential.  We are embracing the challenges as opportunities during this time and using every open door to minister hope and healing to our students well.  We are thankful that nothing 2020 has offered us is a surprise to our God!

The response to our request for help to meet our Scholarship Needs with our 2020 Capital Campaign has been wonderful – thank you to all who have responded so far so that we are always able to provide the necessary scholarships!!!

Please view this 3-1/2 minute video to see how your partnership with Agape House will help us all to continue to make a difference one child at a time!

2020 Capital Campaign Promo