“Our goal at Agape House is to help each young teen find the love for which he/she desperately searches and achieve an unwavering belief that he/she is valuable, accepted, and wanted. Establishing a firm foundation is crucial to the success of turning their lives around. It becomes a well that is drawn upon again and again during a challenging transition period. We see broken, empty teens, burdened by painful pasts and defeating beliefs, transformed into confident young men and women who value themselves and take pride in their achievements.”
– Pam Patterson, CEO & Founder

Working together, our board members and executive team provide governance and help to build the firm foundation of success for which Agape House is known. With a very low fiscal budget to operate all of the programs, including the teen home, school, counseling centers, and the transitional living home, responsible management of funding and continuous outreach with help from our supporters makes the work we do and the healing that takes place all possible.

Our Board of Directors oversees major decisions impacting the organization. Board members have been active as enrichment class teachers, mentors, lunch providers, respite caregivers, renovation workers, and so much more.

The Agape House is the only private residential home and school for teens struggling with the effects of abuse and addiction, in the state of Wisconsin. An informational night is held annually in October at a nearby venue. Watch our Events page for further details.  This photo is of the Sanctuary, a gathering place, in the girls’ home.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Agape House is to assist in bringing transformational hope and healing to at-risk youth, their families, and the community. The wholistic approach of the Agape House ministry is rooted in experiencing biblical faith, unconditional love, grace-based interventions, and a relationship with Christ.

Our Vision

Our successful programs enable teens and young adults to grow in their self-esteem, overcome challenging histories, and stop self-destructive behaviors. Through the loving guidance of a dedicated, professional team, those who participate in our programs achieve academic growth and mature into independent adults who lead healthy, productive lives.

A talented team of professional staff and gifted volunteers administer programs that provide an opportunity for teens in need to heal and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. The Agape House philosophy means that those who are in need will never be turned away because of an inability to pay. Agape House programs are solely dependent on tuition and the generosity of its donors and supporters. Working together, we will continue to make a difference one child at a time.

Our Core Values


An executive team oversees all areas of the Agape House ministry and meets regularly to discuss the operations and programming necessary to support the young women, young men, and families who seek help.

Board Members
Lisa Garlock, President
Pam Patterson, Vice President
Dan Mirkes, Treasurer
Christa Dame, Member
Nate Dame, Member
Sandy Heinitz, Member
Cheryl Mirkes, Member
Gayle Morici, Member
Linda Moritz, Member
Colleen Regner, Member
Christine Schultz, Member

Executive Team
Pam Patterson, CEO & Founder
Kym Bachtell, Executive Director 
Jan Baker, Director of Administration
Bonilee Maclay, Director of Counseling/
Biblical Counselor