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Praises & Prayers/Thanksgiving - Agape House - Hope and Healing for Girls and Boys in Need

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25 Nov
Praises and Prayers
Dear Friends:
We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week! We are praising God for:
  • A successful ‘Give Them Home’ info night; it was successful because we overcame the hurdles before us to pull it together, and we did have more people at least click on the link than we could have had present at an event in the way we’ve done it in the past.
  • Ongoing financial support so that we can keep our doors open through this every-changing, challenging season. See the link below for a video about how your donations are making a difference at Agape House.
  • The amazing joy that we are able to keep our doors open, working with 10 girls and 5 boys, in this uncertain season in our lives!
  • Our students are embracing God’s love well. Here’s an example: One student was with us for just a few days when her birthday arrived. She was solemn leading up to this day. By lunch, she was beaming! I asked her how her day was going, and she said “I never expected so much love on my birthday from people who have only known me a few days!
  • Two students have shared that they have accepted Jesus as their personal savior since arriving at Agape House.
  • Another student was struggling with forgiveness of a loved one; through some intentional conversations of what forgiveness means, the student has asked and prayed to to be open to forgiveness!
  • A returning student from last year was opposed to hearing about God’s love most of that first year. Recently, this student prayed over a meal, and concluded with “Jesus, I love you!”.
  • A student who identified being an inconsistent student since the fourth grade, decided to ‘learn how to be a student’. Since that mind shift took place, we’ve seen progress in daily attendance, productivity and willingness to receive support has dramatically increased.
These are a few examples of how God is moving in the hearts and minds of our youth. They have been such a joy to walk alongside and partner with God in His perfect plan over their lives for the season we get to share. We eagerly anticipate that the best is yet to come this year!
  • Wisdom how to help our teens dealing with anger, trauma and/or abuse in their past to seek God’s healing. And for our teens to allow God’s healing to continue to work in them.
  • A hedge of protection around our teens and their families as they walk out the truth they have learned at Agape House.
  • The health and well being of family of our teens, who are struggling with various health issues, and for our teens to be comforted and strengthened by God in this journey.
  • Discernment about medications for various situations for our teens; which ones are working and which ones need to be changed/adjusted.
  • Healing of fractured relationships within families, and many blessings as they go home for Thanksgiving: may they count their blessings, rest in God, and hold on tight to what they have already learned!
  • Guarded hearts, for all to know who they are in Christ, and how deep and wide Gods love’s is!
A blessed and safe thanksgiving for all.
Blessings . . .

Jan Baker