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19 Mar
Dear Friends:
We pray that you are all adapting to new boundaries as together we pray our way through the Coronavirus epidemic!
We spent a great deal of time in prayer and conversation as to how to proceed with our program, while still respecting the mandates of our government.  Fortunately, because we are a boarding school, the government regulations don’t affect us in the same way as other public and private schools. Thus, we offered to our parents to choose between leaving their teens in our program OR taking them home, with the duration of the quarantine being the same as the public schools. As a result of that choice, we have 5 girls and 2 boys still in full program. And the girls who are at home are continuing to do their school work online ~ this is truly amazing! We are actively practicing healthy and safe strategies, as we hope everyone is doing.
In the same way that God provided the Israelites with manna, one day at a time, we are trusting God to provide us with the grace we need, each day, as we adapt to find a new normal for the duration of this situation. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our nation does the same thing?
“May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~ Psalm 4:7
Blessings . . .
Praise God:
~ for “Love Bombs” (in the form of a poster) being ‘dropped on’ (or hung on windows from outside) for those who are ‘shut-in’ (Inspiration Ministries this week). This is our way of learning how to love others through our limitations.
~ because the girls are doing well with their new online curriculum, achieving success, and helping each other when needed.
~ for seeds that are being cultivated in our Healthy Relationships class. God’s words are coming out with accuracy and application. Thank you ALL who are yielding to the spirit and pouring out God’s love through His word so well. You are all valuable vessels!
Please Pray For:
~ our teens, whether they are at home or here at Agape, that they see God’s unconditional LOVE in the staff who have chosen to continue to come alongside of them, as we emphasize that we are trusting God and not walking in fear.
~ our teens to do well with their biblical counseling and press on to get to the root cause of any dysfunctional issues or relationships.
~ all of our staff, volunteers, supporters and families to be touched by God’s protection, and healing where needed.
Upcoming 5K; Watch for Rescheduled Date to be announced soon

Jan Baker