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31 Jan


Dear Friends:
Thank you for your prayer support through this blog; the comments we receive back via email are encouraging!
Do you find the events taking place in the world today to be disturbing? I know that I do; I want to take control of so many situations, but it’s not possible. If I’m not cautious, my feelings start to get in the way. We see this often with the teens at Agape. The question is how do we remain focused and steadfast?
Here’s what we are teaching at Agape: If we can rise above the contention and division, settling ourselves to let go of the disturbances, we can choose to access peace, and to trust Godin all things. We know He will lead us down the path of righteousness, peace and joy, which will ultimately lead us to living a tranquil life, bringing health to our body, soul and spirit. We may have to remind ourselves often to make this choice, but when we do, I believe we will have a closer walk with God!
“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” ~ Romans 14:17
Blessings . . .
Praise God For:
  • teens who are learning to ask for their needs
  • teens talking out their feelings/emotions
  • goals being accomplished
  • trust
  • honesty
  • teens reading the Bible and open to learning about God
Please Pray For:
  • teens who “blow up” in anger
  • teens struggling with control
  • teens unwilling to talk/process the hurts that are holding them captive
  • teens seeking a tranquil life, filled with righteousness, peace and joy
  • our current staffing needs to be met (see more details at our website:
  1. Teacher
  2. RA for Boys and Live-in RA for Girls
Please see our Wish List at:
We hope you will be able to join us – it’s a family event!
Register online beginning February 1st.
***Watch for more details to follow.***


Jan Baker