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- Agape House - Hope and Healing for Girls and Boys in Need

04 Aug

August Office Hours
Tuesday through Thursday
(Week of August 28th – Hours will be Changed
due to All-Staff In-Service)
9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
These are the best hours to stop by;
however, someone may be here outside of these times as well.
Or call for an appointment to assure someone can be here for your needs.

Dear Friends:

“He leads me beside the still and restful waters of life.
He refreshes and restores my life;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness.”
~ Psalm 23:2-3a

Do you ever have days when you wonder where those still and restful waters of life are at? Our lives and the lives of those around us can get very rocky at times, and it seems more like we are climbing a mountain!

I am grateful for the knowledge that God does refresh and restore our lives, and I pray that when life gets difficult, that we are all able to be led by God onto the paths of righteousness, and find the still and restful waters of life!

Please Pray:
~ for our girls and their families to find the still and restful waters of life, and trust God to refresh and restore their lives, leading them on the path of righteousness, in spite of the difficult situations they are facing. At this time, many of them are probably trying to determine if they want their daughters to come to Agape House. Let’s pray that God will direct their steps accordingly.

~ for all of our volunteers at Agape House, that God blesses them in whatever difficult situation each of them might be facing today, as He helps them to find the still and restful waters of life.

~ for the staff at Agape House, as well as all schools around the country, as we prepare for the new school year, that we will not be overwhelmed by all that we would like to get done; as we adjust from some much-needed vacation time to full-time work again.

~ for things to go smoothly when the HVAC installation takes place, as well as for the follow up work we need to do afterwards.

Praise God:
~ for those times when we do find the still and restful waters of life, as they refresh and restore our lives!

~ for the girls from Agape House who have found jobs to work at over the summer; may these jobs be the beginning of a future filled with hope, serving God!

~ for the hope of opening the Jr. High Girls’ Home next month so that our younger girls are able to enjoy being that age, without the ongoing influence of the high school girls.

Blessings . . .


Kitchen Cabinets for the MPR Kitchen (if you are renovating your kitchen, would you consider donating your old cabinets?)
Art Supplies, as follows: markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paints, variety of sizes of paint brushes, variety of sizes of canvases, air-dry clay, glue sticks, Elmers glue, mod podge, fabrics, fabric scissors, needles and thread, water-color paper
Bean Bag Chairs for the Home (up to 6); the girls love sitting on these in the dorm and/or home area
Computer (up to 2 years old – does not need to be new) for use in the Home
(4) New toilet brushes and plungers
Bath towels and wash cloths

Jan Baker