November 2013 - Agape House Heals


Agape House Looks for Funds to Expand

Pam Patterson - Founder of Agape House

Pam Patterson – Founder of Agape House

WALWORTH — The Agape House, a Christian home and school for girls, wants to help more girls in need.

“We really need to expand our financial base to continue to provide the services we do and expand those services,” Pam Patterson, director of the nonprofit organization, said. “We have these buildings to maintain. We have room for a few more girls, but we don’t have the funds to properly give them the help they need.”

The home takes in girls who have been abused, are addicted to drugs or have been in legal trouble. Counseling, house parents and independent education are offered to create a stable atmosphere for the girls . Patterson said they’re limited by staffing. The Agape House can’t afford to pay for more counseling hours, and volunteers are limited in their abilities. Read More


“Agape House seeks to provide faith, hope and love”

By Jim McClure – 

The only private treatment home and school for girls in the state of Wisconsin has begun a $500,000 campaign to meet current and future needs.

Agape House, based in Walworth, is a private, non-profit organization that uses Christian biblical principles to provide healing and hope to girls and women aged 12 to 28, along with their families.

Agape, (pronounced Ah-gah-pay) from the Greek word for unconditional love, aims to offset lives that have been hurt by abuse, neglect, addiction and violence. Several of the girls at the Give Them Hope 2014 Campaign fundraiser, held in Lake Geneva on November 7, related stories of horrific living conditions and situations that brought them to Agape House.

“It takes a lot of love to heal a heart and mend a life that’s been so badly hurt,” said Brian Ogne, who emceed the dinner at Geneva National Country Club. Major donors and corporations are expected to help the organization reach the half million dollar mark in one year. Read More

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.